Hotchkiss Construction Services

A company committed to excellence

Grumbleweed’s Woodshop is a division of Hotchkiss Construction Services LLC. We offer not only woodworking services but, a full line of building and building restoration. Both management and employees are dedicated to delivering excellence in every area of the business. We routinely explore new technology in an effort to deliver quality and duration of quality of our work. Strong careful management has produced a company that is continuing growth despite the nation’s poor economic environment. Our customers believe in us and it shows!

Building restoration has become Hotchkiss Construction Services’ main focus, with the Grumbleweed’s Woodshop division providing support to field work, we are able to deliver the absolute best quality work. The shop produces exact match replacement parts for old buildings that can not be purchased ‘over the counter.’ Often the parts are made of materials better suited for the situation than the original material. Engineering and material knowledge are only a few of our strong points.

Unlike many other companies, we have developed a strong positive reputation for high area work. We own our high lifts and control our schedule. By owning the equipment we are not subject to equipment availability from rental stores during busy season. All of our employees are trained in the use of this state of the art equipment.

Many of our customers reside out of state with their homes here being second or third homes. This type of ownership is difficult for the owner and requires a contractor that can be trusted. In an effort to make the experience of working with our company pleasurable and relaxed, we provide regular job reports via email that include photographs. We have found there is no better way to build a customer’s confidence than to show them exactly what is getting done. Also, if there is question as to how something might be addressed or unexpected problems have been found, pictures deliver clearer communication. Some of our customers have made photo albums of our pictures just for historical purposes.

If you are considering buying land or a home in Northern New Hampshire, talk to us before you buy. There are many differences between here and southern New England. Our experience can save you many headaches.